Junior High Catechetics

We are now part of Holy Apostles Parish.
To connect with us go to our new website at holyapostlesparish.com

Religious Education Facilitator:  Maryn Anderson, masmbp@bellaliant.com  902-826-2696

Year 7 and Confirmation I email:  smbpgr7and8@gmail.com
Confirmation II email:  smbpconfirmation@gmail.com

Junior High Program – Years 7 and 8 (Confirmation I) 

        Years 7 and Confirmation I  will incorporate the following elements:

·  Continued discussion of the teachings of the Bible and Jesus, with a special focus on how they are relevant to today’s world. 

·  These years form the foundation for Year 9 (Confirmation II).

·  Taize Prayer

·  Current Social Justice Issues

·  The Ten Commandments and Social Media

·  Hunger Banquet

·  Introduction to Strengthsfinders

·  Participation at Youth Masses

·  Youth Stations of the Cross

·  NET Retreat and Thinkfast

Confirmation II Youth will have completed Confirmation I or equivalent

These classes take place in the hall on alternate Sunday evenings through the school year. 

Additional Components of Confirmation - 
  • NET Retreat
  • StrengthsQuest (including 3 workshops)
  • Stewardship Hours (find form here)
  • Reconciliation
  • Letter to the Priest 
For more information, go to the Confirmation page 

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