Elementary Catechetics

Religious Education Coordinator Years 1-6:  
Karen Burke, releducate.mbourgeoys@gmail.com 902-826-2696

Elementary Program – Classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 at Sir John A MacDonald High School. A detailed program schedule will be available here.

We are excited to be using the Be My Disciples program!  Please visit their website, to help supplement what is being done in the classroom.  There are so many great things on this website!

Year 1 – This is a pre-requisite for Year 2 (Sacraments).  It introduces the children to the idea of being members of God’s family, to the love of Jesus as our friend, to the idea of Mass, and teaches basis prayers.

Year 2 – This is a Sacramental year; children will have completed Year 1 or equivalent.   This class focuses on Reconciliation and Eucharist; students will make their First Reconciliation after Christmas, and their First Communion in the spring.  This is a pivotal and fun year, and attendance is very important.

Years 3  to 6 – Students continue the exploration of their relationship with Jesus, the teachings of the church, and prayer, with special focus on the parables of Jesus and the Bible.  Year 4 students receive the New Testament, and Year 6 students the Bible.  Year 6 students will take ownership of our ‘Pocket Change for Change’ program.

Additional Offerings –

  • Gathering Masses in September and January
  • Animated or ‘Stop and Start’ Mass
  • ‘Class at Mass’ – specific year levels take part in special ‘theme’ Masses
  • Christmas Concert
  • Good Friday Children’s Liturgy 
  • Church Tours 
  • Children's Stewardship Conference                                                                                                      

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