Pastoral Council

“The role of pastoral council is to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matters, so that the life and activity of the People of God may be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel.” (Pope Paul VI)

Our parish Pastoral Council assists the pastor by investigating, reflecting and recommending on different topics/issues that may come forward. Pastoral Council members trust and use their gifts to build the parish and community. Share your thoughts with us by email:

Chair: Richard Vallee *                
Cheryl Avery-Williams           
Diana Bruce *   
Norman Burke * 
Matthew Jessome
Brother Augustine                        
Terry Thibault                               
Judy MacMillan                             

Non-voting members:
Maryn Anderson
Fr. Roberto Donato

* Leaving the Pastoral Council to serve on the Senior Committee

Pastoral Council Election

Nominations for five members of St Marguerite Bourgeoys Pastoral Council will open next week on Feb. 23rd. This week, please consider whether you, or someone you know, would be open to serving the parish in this ministry for a 2 year term, subject to clustering activity.  Pastoral Council, in consultation with our pastor, is concerned with identifying and offering practical recommendations for pastoral matters within our parish.  Criteria for nomination are: confirmed, practising Catholic, love the Church, at least age 21, present and practising in the parish for at least one year.  Nomination details will be announced next week, with elections in March.
Cheryl Avery-Williams (StMB),
19 Apr 2017, 07:29