Many parishioners work behind the scenes, and in front of the congregation, to deliver Mass each week.  For more information about any of the ministries listed here, please contact Maryn at the parish office.
Lectors - Proclaim the Word at Sunday, daily, and special liturgies. Training required. Must be confirmed. 

Eucharistic Ministers - Eucharistic Ministers assist the Presider in distributing both the Bread of Life and the cup of Salvation to the Parish Community. Training required. Must be confirmed. Instruction on bringing communion to the sick is also available.
Ushers - Ushers assist in helping people find seats, they answer questions, and welcome all to the church. They are responsible for “taking” up the offering during the preparation of the gifts as well as distributing the Parish Bulletin at the end of Mass. 

Altar Servers - Altar Servers assist the Presider in preparing the altar and leading processions for Sunday liturgies and special celebrations. Male and female youth are welcome. Adult servers are also needed for funerals and weekday Masses. 
Mass Coordinators - Mass Coordinators are responsible for all tasks involved in the preparation for the liturgical celebrations. This would include anything from opening the church to seeing that a family is available to bring forth the gifts to the altar at the time of their preparation.

Hospitality Ministers - Hospitality Ministers welcome, greet, and distribute hymn books to parishioners as they enter the church. They may assist the ushers in seating and seeing to the needs of the community. They are visible so that people may ask them questions or share concerns. 
Music Ministry - Musicians in our parish are a group of dedicated people who welcome new members. There are instrumentalists and choir members who serve at the 4:30 pm mass on Saturdays and the 10:00 am mass on Sundays.  One Sunday each month, there is a focus on contemporary music choices for worship. The Saturday choir practices on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 and the Sunday choir members practice on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:45.  We encourage and invite anyone who is interested to please come and join us!  Please contact the parish office for more information.

Liturgy Committee - The Liturgy Committee is made up of parishioners who assist and reflect upon the liturgies of our faith community. This Committee aids the pastor and pastoral staff in planning and coordinating good liturgies for our parish. This Committee also plans and organizes different liturgies that may take place within the Liturgical year, including Taize prayer, Sacramental celebrations, Liturgy of the Hours, Penitential liturgies and celebrations within the Liturgical Year. This Committee also assists in the coordinating and scheduling of all liturgical ministry within the parish. The Committee attempts to educate itself in understanding the importance and make-up of good liturgical practices.