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Church Interior Components

The altar came from St. Margaret of Scotland Mission Church.  It was chosen because of its' size, beauty and the fact that it was consecrated.  


The ambo is from Sacred Heart, and was crafted by the late Brian O'Neil, parishioner.


The ambry houses the oils used in sacramental celebrations.  
It is from Sacred Heart, and was crafted by the late Brian O'Neil, parishioner.

Baptismal Font

The Baptismal font is from Sacred Heart, and was crafted by the late Brian O'Neil, parishioner.

Bust of Jesus

A generous gift that was hand-crafted by combining artifacts from our previous locations.  The artist will be visiting our parish to share more about this beautiful piece.

Crucifix (behind altar)

The crucifix was a gift from the Diocese of Antigonish, coming from Christ the King church in Trenton, NS.

Easter Candle

The Easter candle is from St. James.

Holy Water Font

The font that holds holy water sits on the Baptismal font, at the entrance of the church, and was a generous gift from parishioners, Wayne and Lea Trowse.  


This statue of Mary is from Sacred Heart.  

Her image is found in every church in a special place of honour. 


The pews in our new church are very special, having been donated by the Sisters of Charity.  They were the pews from the Chapel of the Motherhouse.  

Plate Coloured Glass

The coloured glass of blue, yellow, and green were chosen to represent the sea, sky and earth, reminding us of the wonders of creation.  These colours have also been used by the Sisters of Notre Dame to portray the daisy, the flower of St. Marguerite.  

Presider's Chair

The presider's chair is from Sacred Heart.

Processional Cross

The processional cross is from St. James.

Stained Glass

The beautiful stained glass is in various places of the church, and is a generous gift from the Sisters of Charity.  These pieces came from the Chapel of the Motherhouse.   

Stations of the Cross

The stations of the cross came from Sacred Heart.  The stations that were in our other church locations will be displayed in the meeting rooms.

Carvings of Mary, St. James and a Crucifix  

These beautiful pieces were carved by parishioner, Azor Vienneau.  They are all from St. James.  
The statue of St. James is in the nave (the main body of the church), Mary is in the large board room, and the crucifix is in the Reconciliation Room.

Statues of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

These statues of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys are gifts from the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  


The tabernacle is from Sacred Heart.

Table Carved to Honour St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

This beautiful table has St. Marguerite Bourgeoys' name carved in it, with daisies, her flower.  It is a gift from the Sisters of Notre Dame, Pictou and was carved by a Mi'kmaq artisan more than 50 years ago.