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Pocket Change for Change

Pocket Change for Change began to involve the children of the parish by raising their awareness of the needs of other children, just like themselves, in other parts of the world, and then giving them a means of contributing toward bettering their lives.  It is a way for them to actually live the Gospel of Christ.  

During the school year, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish takes up a collection to support Pocket Change for Change.  Members of the parish drop change in the large bottle in front of the altar during the offertory.  This campaign has been so successful, that we have been able to gradually increase the number of children that we sponsor! The bottle has the photos of the 6 children that we support, through the Catholic sponsorship organization; Chalice.  

The Parish is delighted to announce that through the generous donations of our Parishioners, especially our children, we were able to sponsor 8 children from a variety of developing countries.  In addition to the 6 youth that we had been caring for previously, we have added Bryan Herrera Gomez, a 10 year old from Chile; and, 7 year old Cindy Ajucum Jorge who is from Guatemala.

We have been notified by Chalice that 17 year old Celyca Cruz (photo at right) of the Philippines has left the program to go to work.  Let us keep her and her family in our prayers.  In place of Celyca, Chalice has provided us with 10 year old Kharen J. Abia also of the Philippines.                                  

Please check the bulletin board at the church and the parish website to become more acquainted with all of our sponsored children.  How fortunate we are to be able to make an important difference in the lives all of these children and their families.  Many thanks.  

Meet the children we sponsor: 


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Sumaiya is a recently acquired sponsored child.

Kharen is a recently acquired sponsored child.

Cindy is a recently
 acquired sponsored child.

Bryan is a recently
acquired sponsored child

Justin is a recently acquired sponsored child.