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One way to be a good steward is to share your treasure in a proportional way. Pre-Authorized Remittances (PAR) are a modern convenience that transforms an important decision into a regular commitment and helps make our busy lives a bit easier.
Important Collection info from Feb 8/9, 2020 bulletin:

One of the major administrative changes we are currently working on in the transition to one Holy Apostles Parish is moving from three bank accounts to one Holy Apostles Parish Bank account.
Changes for Cheques/Envelopes
  • We ask that you please start making out any cheques to Holy Apostles Parish and not the old parish names.
Changes for PAR
For all parishioners on PAR  we need to get authorization to transfer your PAR donations to the new bank account. You do not have to do anything at your bank.  We ask you to please do one of the following (forms or letters can be put in the envelope outside of the main office)
  • fill out a Holy Apostles PAR form (no need to enter bank info or attach a blank cheque)
  • or email stating that it is ok for us to move your PAR & specify a withdrawal date below.
  • or write a note stating that it is ok for us to move your PAR & specify a withdrawal date below.
New Withdrawal Dates
Monthly– please pick the 1st or 15th
Bi-monthly would be the 1st and 15th
Weekly or biweekly withdrawals will be on Fridays
We would like to assure you that the collection from each community will still be recorded as income from that community. We ask for your continued patience as we make these changes and if you have any questions at all, please contact the office at 902-826-2696.
Cheryl Avery-Williams (StMB),
3 Apr 2020, 11:29