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Community/Family Life

Right to Life

Cribbage - Sunday evenings, organized by the Knights of Columbus

Tarabish - Wednesday evenings, organized by the Knights of Columbus

Hospitality - monthly after the 10:00AM masses (see bulletin for schedule)

Mancini Cup Youth Soccer Tournament - A diocesan event, in which our parish youth have enthusiastically participated for the past few years.  It takes place in the Spring, at the Soccer Nova Scotia indoor facility in Clayton Park. 

Parish Picnic
organized by the Community Life Committee
An annual event, held at the end of the school year, in the church parking lot.  

Parish Golf Tournament
organized by the Knights of Columbus

New Parishioners Luncheon 
Welcome all parishioners, especially those new to the parish!  We hope you enjoy your new parish home.

Seniors Luncheon
Like many parishes, our seniors are our greatest asset.  We acknowledge your contributions to our congregation!

Advent Wreath Making - organized by
the Community Life Committee Held on or before the first weekend of Advent, families come together to make wreaths for recognizing Advent in their homes.  This celebration has become a favourite in our parish, celebrated with food and fellowship! 

Skating Party - organized by Michelynne Gomez
Held at the St. Margaret's Bay Centre, on New Year's Eve.  A very enjoyable event for all ages!

Barbeques - organized by the Knights of Columbus

Significant Wedding Anniversary Celebrations
We believe in celebrating those who have reached significant milestones in their marriages.  Congratulations to all!