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Strengths Overview

Our Strengths Journey shares the same vision as the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter for Pentecost 2011: the recognition of the need for New Evangelization and accepts the challenge to 'seek and find God in all people. The first goal of the New Evangelization is to 'renew our faith communities' and to 'revitalize the prayer life of the faithful, renew the liturgical experience of the people of God, and reform the sacramental practice at the centre of our Catholic spirituality.' (Pastoral letter 2011).   Through the Strengths Journey, we are finding a way to make Christ present to those who are already engaged, but also for those whose connection to the Church has been less committed, and to help them to live out their faith more deeply in all areas of their lives.

We have had over 200 parishioners participate in learning their God-given talents, most of whom have participated in our workshops.  Through workshops, retreats, and now one-on-one coaching with Gallup trained Faith Strengths Advisors, we are actively working to develop these talents that God has given each of us, through reflection, prayer and ongoing active seeking to know and to do God's will on a daily basis.  In working with our Creator God, we will produce strengths that will allow us to fulfill the plans, purposes and intentions that God has for us, as individuals and as a faith community.  We are actively working in our parish committees to use this tool to build a more effective and Christ-centred community to fulfill the work that we are called to do.

It is particularly exciting that The Strengths Journey incorporates parishioners of all ages, and includes a component for building stronger faith and connections in families.  We have extended out programmes to confirmation students and to young confirmed adults to participate in learning their God-given talents and, through workshops, use that to discern what purpose God may be calling them.  At our recent Strengths weekend, we had witness talks at our Masses given by adult parishioners, but also parents and children who gave witness to the impact of the Strengths Journey in their lives, both individually and as families.  We also had grandparents who shared how surprised that there was still more to learn about who they were and the talents that God had given them.  Their sharing was a powerful witness to all of the potential for this Strength Journey tool. 

The greatest joy, the greatest sense of aliveness, the abundant life, and the most meaningful life is experienced when we are doing what God wants us to do, becoming the person He created us to be and fulfilling the purpose for which He created us.  The Strengths Journey is proving to be a wonderful key to unlocking that potential in our parish in answering Christ's call to participate in building the Kingdom of God, in our homes, in our parishes, in all areas of our lives. 

For more information on this program within our parish, go to our strengths page.