me!                           Religious Education Updates:                   Registration for classes will take place after mass on Sept 11.                                                              Elementary Classes begin* Sept 20 at SJAMHS the church.                                                                              Junior High Classes begin* Sept 25 at the church.          *see below for more information





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Important Dates:

Sept 11 - BBQ after mass.  All are welcome!  Registration for Religious Education will also take place. 

Sept 20 - Elementary religious education begins at Sir John A the church, with an Opening Mass and Orientation (for children and parents) at 6:30PM.  If you haven't registered yet, you can do so on this night, after mass. 

Sept 25 - Junior High religious education begins at the church.  
The first session for ALL junior high classes is for students AND parents:
Year 7 - 6:00PM, Conference Room (Sacred Heart Room)
Confirmation I - 6:00 PM, Hall 
Confirmation II - 7:15 PM, Hall