Religious Education Updates
Elementary classes:  next class April 26, 6:30 PM  
First Communion Ceremonies:  April 23, 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM  

Year 7 - April 24, 6:00 PM

Confirmation I - April 24, 7:15 PM 

Confirmation II - May 1, 6:30 PM, Reconciliation.
Confirmation Ceremonies:  May 2 and May 10, both at 7:00 PM 

Fr. Joe's dream of a large foyer is coming true!

Important Dates:

April 30:  Mancini Cup - 

If you are in grades 6, 7, 8 or 9 and would like to play, please contact the Parish Office by Monday, April 25th. The Tournament will be held at Soccer Nova Scotia, Indoor Fields in Clayton Park.

May 1: Bake Sale - Level 7 and Confirmation I classes will be having a Bake Sale to raise funds for Pocket Change for Change (For the children the parish sponsors through Chalice) 

May 3: Religious Ed Closing Mass and Ice Cream Social, 6:30 PM, St. James 

The Assembly of the People of God (5th Annual Archdiocesan Conference) is being held May 13-14 at St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica.  To register, visit the website:


As a follow up to the presentation that Michelynne Gomez did, on Physician Assisted Dying, the following information is being shared, and you are encouraged to write your own letter to your MP.  (Note: mail to any MP can be sent postage-free)

Bernadette Jordan:  129 Aberdeen Road (Main Office) Suite 106 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia B4V 2S7 Telephone: 902-527-5655 Fax: 902-527-5656

Geoff Regan:  1496 Bedford Highway (Main Office) Suite 222 Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 1E5 Telephone: 902-426-2217  Fax: 902-426-8339

Andy Filmore:  1888 Brunswick Street (Main Office)Suite 808Halifax, Nova ScotiaB3J 3J8Telephone: 902-426-8691Fax: 902-426-8693

There are three things you need to know about the original ruling of the Supreme Court. In order to be considered eligible for Physician Assisted Death, the court deemed a Canadian must:

  • Be a competent adult with clear consent
  • Have a grievous and irremediable medical condition
  • Be experiencing intolerable suffering

In addition, the courts also underlined that the Charter Rights of Physicians and patients “must be reconciled, recognizing that physicians should not be compelled to assist in a patient’s willful death.” 

As well, the Special Joint Committee’s recommendations advised:

  1. That not only terminal illness be considered, but also non-terminal illness. This means that Canadians with medical conditions that are potentially curable, treatable or manageable can request to be assisted in their death.

  2. That persons with psychiatric illnesses also be considered eligible. This item is particularly concerning as we recognize the effects of mental illness can cause a person difficulty forming clear consent and sound judgement.

  3. That within a period of 3 years, mature minors under 18 be considered for eligibility. When briefing the Special Joint Committee with their concerns, the Canadian Pediatric Society very clearly denounced opening Physician Assisted Death to mature minors and children.

  4. That physicians be required to make effective referrals if not willing to assist in a patient’s request to die. The word “effective” means to bring about an intended result; and in this case, that result is death.  Forcing a physician to violate their conscience is a breach of their fundamental freedoms.

The Supreme Court’s striking down of the Criminal Code last year was a historical moment in Canada, one that sadly does not coincide with our Catholic understanding of the Sanctity and Dignity of human life from conception to natural end. However, our mission here is not lost. The Archbishop has recently sent out a Pastoral letter, asking that we prayerfully consider how we may act and contribute to this national issue.