Welcome to our parish!  

The new Sunday Mass time of 9:30 am, is now in effect.

Religious Education Updates
Elementary Religious Education 
Next classes:  March 20 at Sir John A

Junior High Religious Education
Next classes: Year 7 Hunger Banquet (see below):  March 25
Confirmation I and II, regular classes March 25

Easter Schedule
Palm Sunday:                 Saturday, Mar. 24th             4:30 pm
                                         Sunday, Mar. 25th                9:30 am
(Please note: The procession will begin in the Hall)
Mass of Chrism:           Tuesday, Mar. 27th                                      
                                        St. Mary’s Basilica              12:00 pm
Weekday Mass:       Wednesday, Mar. 28th                12:15 pm
Holy Thursday:          Thursday, Mar. 29th                 7:30 pm
(All Eucharistic Ministers are invited to be part of the opening procession.)
Good Friday:               Children’s Liturgy                 10:00 am
Mar. 30th                     Good Friday Liturgy                3:00 pm
Easter Vigil:                Saturday, Mar. 31st                  8:00 pm
Easter Sunday:           Sunday, Apr. 1st                       9:30 am

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Important Dates:

Lenten Series!  If you were not able to attend, please consider watching Archbishop Mancini's messages at http://www.halifaxyarmouth.org/lenten-videos
These videos are about formation, more specifically addressing the potential restructuring of our churches within our diocese.
Should you be interested in responding, click this link:

March 22 - Lenten Penitential Service. This is an evening to discern the mercy of God through confession and to be reconciled in preparation for Easter.

March 24 - Men's Breakfast 8:30 am please register through the office by Mar 20. 

March 25 - Hunger Banquet, 4:00 pm.  Have you ever considered how more than 2/3 of the world's population do not have food? This event is sponsored by the Year 7 Rel. Ed class - it is an opportunity to learn and discover what it means to be hungry. All are welcome.

April 28 - Mancini Cup Diocesan Soccer Tournament for Jr High Students, at the Soccer NS Indoor Facility in Clayton Park.  9:30 am-12:30 pm.  Anyone interested in playing should contact the parish office.